Lib3-Kumiko This article is about one of the Resources. I will eventually further divide the resource template into Raw Resources and Produced Resources with a corresponding image for each.

Bamboo is a very valuable resource which can be weaved by a girl to make baskets or used to make spears and bows.

Lost in BlueEdit

Known as "Green Bamboo" in this game. It can be found on the secret cove all the way east from the cave. When the tide is low go to the east end of the beach to get to the cove.

"Straight and very flexible. You can use it as a rod or split it and make a basket. A Very useful material." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

Known as "Green Bamboo" in this game. Found in the jungle. Go all the way east, then south.

"Straight and very flexible. It can be used as a stick, or split and made into baskets. Very useful material." -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Green Bamboo can be found lying on the ground near bamboo trees in the Bamboo Grove northeast of the Forest. Green Bamboo may fall from a bamboo tree when its trunk is shaken.

"Straight and very flexible. It can be used like a stick for weapons, or split and made into baskets. Very useful material. Can be found in bamboo groves." -Album

Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked!Edit

In Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! there is another kind of bamboo known as Sturdy Bamboo. It is used to create high-quality spears and bows.

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