Coconut from Lost in Blue.

Coconut is a food item found in the Lost in Blue series.

Lost in BlueEdit

Found on the ground next to palm trees along the beach. Can also be obtained by shaking palm trees. Gives you +10% thirst and +5% hunger when eaten raw.

"It falls from the palm tree on the beach. The younger fruit has a lot of liquid and when ripe, will have a thick, white flesh which is full of oil." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

"These fall from coconut trees on the beach. Younger coconuts have a lot of liquid inside. When ripe, they develop a thick, white "meat" which is full of oil." -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Coconuts can be found on the ground near palm trees on the beach. Coconuts may fall out of a palm tree when its trunk is shaken. Coconuts can sate both hunger and thirst, in a small way.

"Fruit that falls from coconut trees on the beach. Young coconuts have a lot of liquid. When they get old enough, their white pulp will become thicker." -Album

Lost In Blue: ShipwreckedEdit

Prepared: Thirst Hunger Fatigue
Natural +4 +4 +0

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