Material item in Lost in Blue.

Lost in BlueEdit

Found next to trees. Can also be obtained by killing a duck or pigeon.

A very light and shapely bird's feather. It increases the ability of arrows to fly straight and is nessary to improve aiming precision." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

Obtained by killing a bird with an arrow.

"A light, well-shaped bird's feather. Attaching feathers to the shaft of an arrow will make it fly straight and aim will improve considerably." -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Feathers can be found lying on the ground after wind storms. They can be used to make more improved arrows.

"A light, well shaped bird's feather. Attaching a feather to the end of an arrow will make it fly straight and true. Can be found after a wind storm." -Album

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