Fire is one of the most important things for human survival. Without fire and shelter one's lifetime can shrink to mere seconds in extreme conditions. As such, you cannot rest at basecamp without a fire. We here at LiB Wiki have heard about players having trouble gathering firewood. Because we strive to provide assistance in whatever way we can, this article shall provide assistance with firewood gathering. Firewood becomes an actual item in Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked!, after some time of the fire going out repeatedly, Aiden comes up with an idea to split Logs into firewood. One log can be split into up to 8 peices, and each can be added to the fire to keep it going for an additonal 6 hours.

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Twigs are used as firewood and will be stored in a log pile within the home caves. Firewood is essential for starting and keeping a fire going, which is required to keep the home cave warm enough to sleep in.

Locations where twigs can be found include:

  • Directly south from the first home cave to the top of the hill near the river and the ocean. There are several trees in the area which twigs may be lying near. Trees can also be shaken to possibly yield twigs.
  • In the main quarry area northeast from the Quarry Cave There are trees in several locations around the quarry edges which may require climbing to reach.