Little Xanadu Island is the name of the mysterious island in Lost in Blue 3. The island is very large, yet easier to navigate than previous islands in this series.


The island is likely in a tropical environment as it contains a jungle and palm trees. The weather is generally sunny, but it occasionally is overcast with fog, rain, or even thunderstorms. The most rare weather event is a tsunami, marked by strong winds and rain. The day after a strong storm, many useful items are more plentiful, such as oil drums and logs.

The island also experiences many earthquakes with enough regularity that the scientists working at the facility were forced to arrange their schedules around them.

The island itself has many different types of climates, including:

  • Beaches- The island contains four beaches nearby each base camp. Many useful objects wash up on the beaches, including three of the four teenagers, bottles, oil drums, and logs. Coconuts, oysters, clams, shells, and rock salt can be found on the sand as well.
  • Tropical Jungle- This area is found northwest of the first base camp. It is filled with many types of fruit, including papayas, bananas, and passion fruit. Logs, tree vines, spices, and worms can be found here as well. A chimp also makes its home here; Claire can communicate with it.
  • Rock Quarry- This area is west of the tropical jungle. James and the second base camp reside in the southern quarry beach. The northern quarry beach lies near The Grey Prince shipwreck, north of the pine forest. Stones, twigs, tree bark, and rock salt can be found here.
  • Pine Forest- This area is found north of the rock quarry and west of the bamboo grove. Twigs, tree bark, leaves, potatoes, spices, worms, and burdock can be found here.
  • Bamboo Grove- This area is north of the rock quarry and east of the pine forest. Spices, worms, bamboo sticks and bamboo shoots can be found here.
  • Swamp- This area is north of the tropical jungle. James must break a rock blocking the path before the player can explore the swamp. Much of the map is under water, with shallow paths the player must wade through. Taro, lotus root, mushrooms, spices, and worms can be found here. To the east of the swamp is a large river that the player and a partner can raft up and down.
  • Lake- This area is northeast of the swamp behind the waterfall. The third base camp/ruins of the research facility can be found here as well as sticks, twigs, leaves, spices, and worms. Kumiko is found in a field of flowers to the north of the lake.
  • Poison Gas Cliffs/Hot Springs- This area is below the lake to the east. Its a barren place made dangerous with poisonous purple gas that hisses and flows between gaps in the cliffs randomly every time the player visits. If the player happens to jump through the gas, it slowly will deplete 23% HP. Near the center is a strange green pond decorated with the bones of animals who dared drink. However, in the top middle part of the map is a hot spring that can restore 40% stamina and a boost in relationship should the player take a dip with a partner. To the north of the cliffs is an area where healing herbs (mugwort) can be found as well as onions, twigs, spices, rock salt, worms, sticks, potatoes, tree bark, and even iron bars. An enormous tree grows in the top left corner of the map, a tree that can become the fourth base camp. To the right edge of the map is another beach with two diving areas from which Claire can communicate with a dolphin. The player can (rarely) find copper wires if they dive from here.

This wide variety allowed the research facility to study many different types of animals.


The island is home to many strange and exotic animals, some of them not usually found in a tropical environment. A few of the animals seen include rabbits, raccoons, deer, tortoises, ducks, leopards, penguins, brown bears, and even white tigers. The unusual mix of animals is due to the work of the scientific research facility. The wildlife were kept in the labs and used for study and experimentation, according to Kumiko.

Claire can communicate with two of the animals on the island: the chimp and the dolphin. The chimp can be found in the tropical jungle in a clearing while the dolphin is found near the fourth base camp, at the northeast diving area.

Some of the animals can attack the player, such as the anaconda and alligators. If the player plays as a male, they have the option to fight the animal with their fists or a spear. If the player plays as a female, they have to dodge the animals attacks and escape instead of fighting.

If James is asked to gather food, he will return with small-to-large chunks of meat from various animals such as raccoons, wolves, and goats.

Marine LifeEdit

The ocean, rivers, and the lake are important sources of food for the teenagers during their time on the island. Using a spear or a fishing pole, the player can catch many types of fish from the sea and the rivers. The most common river fish are white carp while the most common sea fish are sardines.

Some areas have spots from which the player can dive down to the sea floor to collect food and other objects. Abalone and sea urchins can only be found this way. The diving spots near the enormous tree can occasionally yield copper wires.

Sharks and giant catfish are dangerous sea creatures that can catch and kill the teenagers, ending the game and kicking the player back to the start menu. The player must hold their breath to go by undetected as the shark/catfish swim past. If the creature notices the diver, he or she must quickly swim back up to the surface to escape.


Sometime in approximately the 1400's, a ship called The Grey Prince hit some rocks on the outskirts of the island near the northern quarry beach and became stuck. It is still able to be explored by the time the teenagers arrive. It contains a sea map revealing the island's name, copper wires, and plugs.

More than a decade before the player and his or her companions washed up on the island, a group of scientists built an underground facility in order to research a drug that "boosted abilities and allowed organisms to survive in any environment". They first experimented on animals and later, humans. According to Kumiko, their goal was to create humans with enhanced physical powers. Kumiko's father's diary reveals that although the drug did enhance physical abilities, it also spawned a virus with terrible side effects. Eric and Sam, the two test subjects, weren't harmed themselves, but anyone around them would experience severe harm over an indeterminate amount of time.

Ten years before the four teenagers washed up on the island, the facility was destroyed in a massive earthquake. In Kumiko's Story, Kumiko speculates that explosives must have also been used at the same time the quake it in order to achieve the amount of damage the facility suffered. The damage short-circuited doors and caused rubble rock to cave in, blocking parts of the facility. The animal cages were also damaged, allowing the animals inside to escape. The organization that ran the facility were so shocked by the extent of the damage that they decided to close it down. Ever since, the island's existence has remained more than a secret- it has been practically forgotten.