Lost in Blue - Shipwrecked Coverart
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! is the fourth title in the ever-underappreciated Lost in Blue series, and the first LiB title for the Nintendo Wii. The game features a number of improvements over the previous titles, thanks in large part to the Wii's better processer. Some of these improvements include a vastly-expanded item set, a more in-depth storyline, and real-time cutscenes instead of the slideshow-style cutscenes of the preceding games.

Chapter 1: Lost at SeaEdit

The game starts out with a long cutscene onboard a Cruiseliner, where we find young Aidan Sanders, and his pet monkey Hobo. Before long, the ship sinks, landing Aiden on a small island rich in coconuts with a few sticks and vines. Aiden also has a suitcase he washed up with. Eventually he uses some sticks and vines to turn the suitcase into a raft and floats to a larger island. The raft sinks, leaving Aiden hanging by his fingertips on a cliff-face, but luckily the game's female protaganist, Lucy Raine, is there to help pull him up to safety. Lucy has a dog named Max, and the pets actually have some function within the game, helping set traps and harvest various resources. Lucy has built a Camp nearby, in a sheltered alcove by the south beach. The two survive their first night, and quickly decide to build a signal fire on the Beach. Completing the Signal Fire triggers a major change that I shall refer to as Chapter 2, as follows.

Chaper 2: Hopeless? (working title)Edit

After the signal fire is built, a cutscene will trigger, featuring a massive storm, a cruize ship in the distance, and a very sad story from Lucy. During the rain, Aidan and Lucy are hiding at their camp trying to get out of the rain, and they hear the horn on a large ship. They rush out and light the fire, but it's too dark for the ship to see the smoke, so it sails right past. Lucy breaks down, crying "I'm sorry... so sorry", until Aiden finds an Oil Drum, takes it back to camp, and builds a Bath/shower thing out of it. She calms down after soaking for a while, and tells Aiden that she had run away from home, snuck on to the cruize ship that they were on, and then got shipwrecked there. They decide that there's nothing to do about it now, and keep on keeping on. Shortly there after, they find Gord, (or rather, he finds them) and they work together for a short while. He fixes them a meal, out of poisenous mushrooms, and Gord tells them that he has medicine at his camp. He also says that he knocked down the log in the forest, allow access to a new region of the island. ((I'll finish this in the next few days, assuming no one else beats me to it, have to go. :/ -Cap't Z.))

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