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  • 5/6/09- This wiki is created!
  • 5/7/09- News text
  • 5/11/09- First 10 articles started!
  • 9/9-23/10- Captian Zaco finally rented a copy of Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! Articles started!
  • 1/28/12- Black Jackal begins to add his (Self-made) field guides for public use!
  • 7/15/12- 100th article created!

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Lost in blue 3 coverart

Lost in Blue 3 is the sequel to Lost in Blue and Lost in Blue 2 and is before Lost in Blue: Shipwreaked! In this Lost in Blue game, you can play as four individual characters each with a different story. You can choose between Sam, Claire, Kimiko and James. Lost in Blue 3

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Lost in Blue Shipwrecked! (Wii) trailer

Lost in Blue Shipwrecked! (Wii) trailer