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Furniture item used for storage.

Lost in BlueEdit

Has 3 upgrades. The first holds 10 items, the 2nd holds 15 and the final allows you to hold 20 items.

"A furniture that definitely should be made in order to store plenty of items. It will make life easier." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

1st Upgrade:

2nd Upgrade:

3rd Upgrade:

"The more things I find the more space we'll need to store them. A shelf should do the trick. I'll make it nice and bg so we can store a lot of things!" -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Shelving units can store many items within the home cave. One does not need to be built in the lab facility.

"This shelf can store plenty of items so that someone doesn't have to carry everything around with them all the time." -Album