Lib3-Kumiko This article is about one of the Resources. I will eventually further divide the resource template into Raw Resources and Produced Resources with a corresponding image for each.

Twigs from Lost in Blue.

A twig, while insignificant to us in modern-day life, is essential to life on an uninhabited island, such as in Lost In Blue.

Twigs can be used to make: Edit


Fire Starters



Lost in BlueEdit

Common item found in Lost in Blue.

"A well fried straight twig. It can be used as firewood or material in item creation." -Scrapbook

Lost in Blue 2Edit

"These twigs are dry and pretty straight. They can be used for firewood or for making tools." -Picture Book

Lost in Blue 3 Edit

Twigs can be found lying on the ground near trees. They may fall from a tree if its trunk is shaken.

"Dry, straight, thin twigs. They can be used for firewood or for making tools. Can be found near or hanging from trees." -Album

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